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Nomad Tour

Nomad Tour

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Nomads of Iran

There are about one and a half million nomads in modern Iran, extending from the border of Turkistan to the warm waters of the Persion Gulf.They migrate regularly between Summering and Wintering quarters ( usually from cooler mountain pastures to warmer plains) in order to take advantage of seasonal grazing resources.

These nomads are traditional herders of sheeps,goats,camels and other livelihood.They have tribe structure often based on kinship,clan and other types of communal organizations.

Cattle- raising & tribal structure of the society are both attributed to migratory way of life, yet these are not the only characteristics.The only factors distinguishing them from sedentary communities are the seasonal migrations & lack of specific village sattlement...Migratory Iranian tribes mainly live along the Zagros mountain range and in West & East Azarbaijan in the western part of Iran as well as in Kermanshahan, Khusistan &...

The hierarchy of divisions in tribes in Iran,for example among Qashqaies are as follows:tribes are usually divided into a few clans.Clans in turn consist of a few sects,which are further divided into " Bonkus" consisting of a few families called " Obeys"

Handicrafts, well-known in the world have an important role in the economy of the tribal family. Meat & dairy products constitute their main economic activities. Tribes often define their group & clans in terms of tents. " Tent" denotes the word "Home". Depending on their ethnic background,Iranian tribes speak persian,Kurdish,Turkish and Arabic.

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